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Do I have to download content each time I launch the game?
How can I change the game's language?
I deleted and reinstalled the game, how do I get my purchases back?
What happens if I delete the game and again installed it? Will my progress be there or lost? Can I get back my progress?
Why is my syncing process taking long time?
How do I modify the SFX /Music options?
Is there tutorial provided in the game?
What is Build? How do we use it?
What does the Gallery section do? How to unlock robot art?
How can I get a Gold robot?
Is there any other way to achieve stars in the game?
How many Robots can I build using Build feature in the Game?
Why can’t I just buy Gold robots in Rewards Section?
Is there any end to the fights in Survival mode?
Is it Mandatory to post my robot part unlocked achievement on Facebook every time?
Can I unlock Tiers in Tag team/Tournament mode directly?
How do I collect my rewards in Rewards Menu?
How do I pause or restart my fight?
I have won the fight but it displays Challenge failed. Why?
What are the Challenges?
How can I earn 3 stars in each Challenge?
Where can I purchase Boosts?
Can I earn free Boosts?
How do I Use Boost in Challenges mode?
Can I Equip multiple Boosts?
Will I lose my Stars if I lose the same challenge after playing it again?
Can I play repetitively to earn all the stars?
Can I Reset my progress in Challenges Mode?
Robot Packs purchase does not reflect on device but money has been deducted. What can I do?
How do I unlock Tier's in Tag Team mode?
What's the different between Classic & All Stars tournament?
With which robots can I play in free sparring?
What does 'Equip' feature do in survival mode?
What are the rewards in survival mode?
I didn't get my reward after completing survival mode?
Block Assist mode doesn't work in-game?
My preferred language is not present in settings?
Did not get rewards after completing achievements?
Can I share the achievements with friends?
Why can't I play 1v2 / 2v3? Why can't I connect more than 6 devices?
In Multiplayer, My devices are not connecting? What can I do?
In Local Multiplayer, I'm getting 'connection Lost' message?
Can I play multiplayer between iOS and android?
Can I connect to Multiplayer online?
The game has been paused in Multiplayer. Why can't I Resume?
Why can't I select Fight button in Multiplayer?
How do I tag in Multiplayer?
How can I select my teams in Multiplayer?
I'm unable to connect 4/6 Devices?
How do I know when I'm tagged in Multiplayer?
Only two devices are getting controls in Multiplayer. Why?
I get 'connection lost' every time I connect via Bluetooth Multiplayer?
How do I share robot screenshot on Facebook?
When can I access Champions/ Achievers Collections System?
What is Achiever's Hall?/ What are Trophies?
Can I use my reward from Story Mode in other modes?
How do I unlock robots in story mode?
How do I use the stars and trophies earned from the Story Mode?
What is Champions? How do I get Robots here?
Where can I see the Trophies I have collected?
Where can I see the conditions for Trophies?
How do I know which are the robots I need to get to complete Champions Collection?
How do I Claim my reward in Champions Collection?
How do I go unlock Tag Survival?
How do I add Robots to Tag Survival Fights?
My robot is unlocked but I'm unable to access the robot origin story in Garage and wallpaper in Gallery.
What are save points in Tag Survival?
What is Pro Points? How do I compete with Global Players?
How can I rise in the leaderboards?
My country flag is not showing. Why?
What can I win in Daily Quest?
My Daily Quest Screen is empty. Why?
What is Early Rank Up Bonus?
Why is my Pro Points leaderboards not opening?
Why am I losing Pro Points?
Can I see my friends in Pro Points leaderboards?
What is EVO? How do I take my robot to EVO?
How can I unlock Live Events?
When can I unlock Champions and Legend in Live Events?
My Robot is locked in Live Events. Why?
What is Event Milestones in Live Events?
What happens if I Exit Event before completion? Will I lose Milestone points?
Can I take Build Robots to Live Events?
Can I take EVO 2,3,4,5 robots to an EVO1 Event?
Where can I completely Unlock Atom Gold?
In which Modes can I use Health Boosts?
Why is my device not supported?
I purchased an item on my mobile device from the store but I did not get it, why?
Why am I not able to connect to Facebook?
The game is crashing on my iPhone/ iPad. How do I fix this?
I have downloaded the game previously, now the new update is not getting downloaded. Why?
How can I disable In-App purchases & avoid unauthorized purchases??
Why can't I install Battle Steel – Robot Fighting? Why does my device not support Battle Steel – Robot Fighting?
Multiplayer is lagging on my device. Why?
Real Steel is not loading / crashing on my android device. What should I do? Which devices does it support? What Should I Do?
Can I play offline?
How can I disable In-App purchases & avoid unauthorized purchases?
How do I continue my game on new device?
I purchased an item on my mobile device from the store but I did not get it, why?
Why am I not able to connect to Facebook?
Where do I find 'Restore Purchases' button on Amazon Devices?
Why can't I install Real Steel?
Multiplayer is lagging on my device. Why?