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What are the Characters/Heroes in the game?
You can fight as your favorite heroes & villain characters from Into the Badlands TV Series, including Sunny, The Widow, M.K., Quinn and more. Each hero has unique weapons and combat styles. You can get new Heroes by opening chests.
Each Character has a Rarity associated with them that determines the chances of them getting unlocked. Rarity also affects how “good” the character is. The higher the rarity, the better the Character is.
The (4) rarity types are as follows:
1. Common
2. Rare
3. Epic
4. Legendary
Note: You cannot upgrade or transform between character classifications
What are Weapon Classes?
Each Character belongs to a weapon class. The weapon class determines the Character’s combat animations. There are (6) six different weapon classes including:
1. Sword
2. Dagger
3. Hammer / Axe
4. Staff / Polearm
5. Dual Sword
6. Hand
What is the advantages of Weapons classes?
Each Weapon Class is stronger than or weaker against another class.
The relationship is as follows:
Sword Beats Dagger but Loses to Dual Sword
Dagger beats Hammer / Axe but Loses to Sword
Hammer / Axe Beats Staff but Loses to Dagger
Staff Beats Hand but Loses to Hammer / Axe
Hand beats Dual Sword but loses to Staff
Dual Sword Beats Sword but Loses to Hand
What are the different combat stats of a character?
Your Characters are rated against each other by using a Combat Rating. This is the total combined value of the Characters (4) Combat Stats which are:
Speed: Affects how fast the character can combo attacks.
Power: Affects the amount of damage performed per attack.
Combo: Affects the amount of damage done in a Combo.
Health: Represents the total health.
Note: When a Character is upgraded, these stats are increased by a percentage.
What are Special Moves?
Each Character has up to 2 Special Moves that can be triggered during the fight. Special Moves are earned by performing combos. Special Moves can only be performed after the Combo Threshold is met.
What are scouting stats?
You can use your character as Scouts in order to earn free Chests. Each Character has (2) Scouting Stats including:
1. Speed
2. Value
Can I upgrade my characters?
Yes you can upgrade your characters by collecting duplicates of hero cards. Once a certain threshold has been met, players can purchase character upgrade using Gold. You can also request for cards in Alliances or purchase directly from Cards section in Store.
How do I attack, defend and evade?
In this game you can take on multiple targets in combat. Below is the guide for combat:
1. Tap to attack a normal enemy
2. Tap enemies in blue to counter the fast attack
3. Swipe enemies in yellow and ranged enemies to counter heavy attack
4. Tap anywhere on screen to move to that position
5. Double-tap to finish an opponent who is on the ground
6. Move from red marked area to evade an opponent’s special attack
Note: Once an attack is initiated the character will continue auto attacking the target.
How do I pause or restart my fight?
Tap on Pause button which will be on top left corner and a screen will appear with resume and Menu. But you cannot restart a fight.
What are the different enemy types?
Each enemy wields a weapon that determines the attacks/actions they can perform. Each attack has a different behavior and requires you have to choose the right way to handle it as given below:
1. Sword – Enters basic attack and runs at you with a Quick Attack, following wherever you move to. Tap to interrupt.
2. Hammer – Recklessly charges at you with Strong Attack, following wherever you moves to. Swipe to interrupt.
3. Shuriken / Hatchet – Throws weapons at you. Cannot be interrupted, only avoided. Will hit other enemies in path
4. Polearm – Dashes forward with weapon after small delay. Does not follow your movement. Cannot be interrupted, only avoided. Will hit other enemies in path.
5. Dual Swords – Spins in a whirlwind towards you. Can change directions. Cannot be interrupted, only avoided.
6. Dagger – Dashes behind/next to you to perform a slow, strong attack. Swipe to interrupt.
7. Hands (Monks) – Dashes towards you to perform a multi-hand strike. Similar to dagger enemies, but Quick attack. Interrupted with Tap. Once damaged enough, they enrage and instead perform lunge attacks. Similar to staff enemies, but faster movement.
Note: Apart from these there are bosses with special abilities designed to surprise you.
How do I use a special attack?
Each Character has a unique set of Special Moves they can perform, that require a number of consecutive hits to charge up special energy. If you are hit, the special energy is lost. Once Special Moves are charged, you can tap the button to enter a slowed down mode and select a target you want to attack.
How can I get a Flawless victory?
If you complete a fight without being hit, you get a flawless victory bonus.
How do I get more hero energy?
If your hero energy runs out, you have to wait for the time period to get energy or refill energy using gems. NOTE: When character is upgraded. Energy is maxed and capacity increases.
What is Scouting?
Scouting is a way for you to earn Gold, Gems, and Characters after waiting a certain amount of time. You can scout for free or pay an additional amount to gain better quality items from farther locations.
Is there Multiplayer?
Yes. There is asynchronous multiplayer where you can compete against another player with.
How do I win against another player in Versus?
When you start this mode, you are match-made against someone with a similar Trophy count. You have to assign at least one Defender before matchmaking. If you win, you earns trophies. If you quit you will lose trophies. The Opponent is never made aware of the match.
What do I win in Versus?
In Versus mode you compete against another opponent’s defenders in order to earn Trophies for each fight. You can also win threshold rewards by achieving milestones based on number of trophies.
What is Quick Fight?
You can choose to battle the best defender of a random opponent in Quick Fight. The best defender will be chosen based on combat rating.
What will happen if I lose a Quick Fight?
You will lose Trophies on a Quick Fight loss. Also, the opponent will be no longer available to fight.
Can I Search and fight a particular opponent in Versus?
You can find a particular opponent by entering exact player profile name in search box. Note: Search is Case Sensitive.
How can I find my friend among similar IDs?
You will have to match the number of trophies and player level to find your friend.
How can I fight with my Alliance members?
To fight anyone in your Alliance you have to tap on Members button in Versus tab and select the player you want to battle.
How can I take Revenge?
In Versus Tab you will find the players who defeated you. Tap on the revenge button to fight the player. Note: If you have completed or quit revenge fight the opponent will disappear from list.
How do I know who has attacked me in Quick Fight?
In Revenge List, if a player has defeated you in Quick Fight it will appear in the color of the quick fight button [grey]. For other Versus defeats the color will be green.
What can I do in Alliances?
Badlands Alliances is a feature in which you can form/join a clan in order to Request / Donate Cards, and battle Alliance Rivals.
What are the different roles in Alliances?
There are 3 different Roles that members in the Alliance can have which determines what abilities they have in regards to Alliance management.
1. Leader / Baron: The person who created the Alliance.
2. Co-Leader / Regent: Members selected by the Leader as important.
3. Member / Clipper: Member of the Alliance.
How do I battle in Rival Wars?
Each Alliance battles against the opposing Alliance’s defender in order to earn crowns. The Alliance with the highest number of crowns at the end of the Event is given rank rewards. Rival Wars has 2 parts:
1. Defense – each member of the Alliance designates characters to be used as defense.
2. Attack – You can choose to attack any of the 4 Alliances in the leaderboard for any number of times to win crowns and rise in the ranks.
Note: Fights are similar to Versus Mode. You have to have the given minimum number of defenders to enter Rival Wars.
How do I get bonus crowns?
You get bonus crowns by attacking an Alliance ranked higher than yours. Note: If your Alliance is last placed and you win a fight against the 1st placed alliance you will get the highest bonus.
Where can I use crowns?
Crowns are only for ranking and cannot be used anywhere.
Why can't I leave/dissolve/kick anyone in Alliance?
If you are participating in Rival Wars you will not be able to leave/dissolve/kick anyone in Alliance
What can I earn in Rival Wars' fights?
You can earn trophies, XP, coins and crowns by winning each Rival Wars fight. Note: If you lose, your trophy count will be reduced.
What happens if I quit a fight in Rival Wars?
You will lose trophies if you quit a fight.
How do I join an Alliance?
After reaching level 6, unlock Alliance and tap on join. You can search or join any existing clan. NOTE: You can create your own Alliance with 1000 Gold.
What are Events?
Fight and Score the highest to win big rewards in Events.
What are Alliance Events?
In Alliance Events you can gather your Alliance to battle, score the highest and top the Global Leaderboard for exciting rewards.
What is Pit Run Event?
In Pit run you can try out a selection of characters in battle and earn exciting Rewards.
What happens when I lose a fight in Pit Run?
When you lose a fight, the Pit Run comes to an end and you receive the reward that you have garnered so far.
What are Bounty Events?
Bounty events are live events you can undertake as contracts to hunt and kill barons in the game.
How many contracts can I undertake in the Bounty Event?
A total of 3 contracts are available in the Bounty Event, out of which you can only choose to play one at a time.
What happens when I have completed all the contracts in the Bounty Event?
After completing all the contracts in the Bounty Event, you’ll be able to claim the event reward. However, you cannot repeat an already finished contract. Post completion of one Bounty Event, you need to wait for the new event to start.
How many fights/levels are there in each Bounty Event?
Each contract contains different levels of combat, depending upon the stature of the baron, mode of playing and similar aspects.
For how long does a Bounty Event last in the game?
Every contract in the Bounty Event has a different timeline of expiration.
What happens if I die in between the fight?
In case you die during the fight, you’ll be required to pay for that specific event to enter again. However, once you enter you can continue from the same fight where you died.
What is the difference between old scouting and new scouting?
“i. The major difference is that new scouting has been divided into two major parts – Daily Quest mode and Dynamic Scouting mode.
ii. In the old scouting, you could only claim the chest as a reward. However, in the new scouting you have the opportunity to claim different kinds of rewards.
iii. Furthermore, in the new scouting the rewards are dynamic; implying that they get refreshed after every 16 hours.
How many quests are available in scouting map?
A total of 4 quests are available in the scouting map.
What type of rewards I can collect from dynamic scouting mode?
In the dynamic scouting mode, you have the chance to claim coins, rarity cards and also chests.
Can I get a character of my choice or as per my requirements?
Yes! With Dynamic Scouting, you can now stand the opportunity to avail the character which is most needed you, depending upon your level or gameplay.
How often the Daily quest refreshes?
Daily quest refreshes after every 16 hours. However, player needs to complete all the quests listed in the 4 quest books. New quests won’t be accessible to players in case any of the previous quests are pending.
What if a quest ask me to complete with specific character and I don’t' have that character? Or What if a quest is too difficult too complete?
Players can always skip a quest if it’s too difficult to complete or they don’t have the specific characters for it.
I get a “New Quest Available” banner, but there’s never a new quest available.
In daily quest, unless and until players have completed all quests, the new quests won’t be accessible to them. The new quests will remain in ghost mode till then.
What happens when I complete a quest in the scouting map?
After completion of a quest in the scouting map, you’ll be able to claim the rewards associated with that specific quest. Once you have finished the quest, it will be automatically replaced by a new quest. You can either choose to take up the newly updated quest or continue with your pending ones.
What if I complete all the quests in the scouting map?
Since, each quest is replaced with a new quest after completion, you will always have fresher and more exciting quests to undertake in the scouting map. However, there’s a definite quota of quests allotted to each player on a daily basis. After exhausting the quota, your new quests will be available the next day.
How do I get Chests?
Chests can be earned in the following ways:
Mission Complete: earn a Reward after completing a Mission.
Story Mode Stars: earn the required number of stars in Story mode.
Trophy Wins: win the required number of times in Versus or Alliance mode.
Leaderboard Event: Rewards are earned based on the how the Players ranked in the Leaderboard Events. The higher the rank, the better the Reward.
Event Milestones: Rewards are earned based on milestones that are achieved during an Event.
What do I get inside Chests?
Chests can contain the following items:
1. Gold
2. Gems
3. Common Characters
4. Rare Characters
5. Epic Characters
6. Legendary Characters
What are the types of chests?
These are Chests in the game with rewards:
1. Silver
2. Gold
3. Platinum
4. Super
5. Wood Chest
6. Regent’s Chest
7. Baron’s chest
8. Big Baron’s chest
How do I get and use Gems?
Gems are the Premium Currency in the game and can be:
Earned at specific times during the Progression.
Used to purchase Chests from the Store.
Used to bypass timers in the Story Missions and Scouting.
Used to purchase Gold.
Can be purchased in bundles for real currency.
How do I get and use Gold?
Gold can be:
1. Earned after every successful scenario.
2. Acquired from Rewards and Scouting.
3. Used to Level Up Characters.
Can I purchase Character Cards?
Yes you can purchase Character Cards, single or multiple, from Cards tab in Store.
What can I share with friends on Social Media?
Currently we do not have this feature.
Can I post a video of my game?
Currently we do not have this feature
Can I add/invite friends?
Currently we do not have this feature
How do I create and save User Profile?
You can create a user name on your device by accessing Events, Alliances or Versus mode. Here you can enter the Player name to device or login by connecting to facebook.
How do I save my game progression?
Your progression is synced automatically to server. Link your progression to facebook if you need to switch devices.
How do I get my progression back on my device?
You can get your progression back by the following methods:
a) On Same device: You will be given a pop-up to choose between your existing saved profile or whether you want to create new profile. Choose existing to get your previously saved profile back.
b) On different device: You will need login with your previously linked FB id to get progression on new device.
Can I reset my progress?
By re-installing the game and selecting ‘create new profile’ you can reset your progress.
I deleted and reinstalled the game, how do I get my purchases back?
You get back everything back when you reinstall the game through sync or facebook.
How can I change the game's language?
You can change language of the game by changing your device language. The game begins in your default language on your device if supported. Currently the game is available in English, Chinese (Simplified Han), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish. NOTE: If your device has any other language the game will begin in English.
Can I disable ads which pop-up in the game?
These are not ads but informational benefits which convey discounts, limited offers, rewards, contests, etc., to improvise your gaming experience.
Can I play offline?
You can only play the game online.
Where can I get Support?
You can contact for any assistance.
How do I modify the SFX /Music options?
SFX or Music option can be controlled from the settings.
Where can I find tutorial for the game? Can I access tutorial again?
Tutorial will be available automatically when you begin. No, the tutorial cannot be accessed again.
Why should I accept these Terms and Conditions?
Terms and Conditions is a mandatory to be accepted as per legal guidelines to play the game. Please read the document before accepting.
What do I get in Inbox?
All Rewards, including rewards from various modes, are available in Inbox. Tap on Inbox and Collect.
Why is my device not supported?
The game is designed in a way to have optimized support in order to sustain to any technical discrepancies.
OS requirement : iOS 8.0 and above
iPhone: iPhone 4S and above
iPad: iPad 2 and above.
iPod: iPod Touch 5 and above.
Note: The game can be downloaded but will not work on iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5 and iPad Mini 1st Gen as per the technical design.
Why is my game not working on my device?
As per technical design, the game will not work on iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5 and iPad Mini 1st Gen.
I purchased an item on my mobile device from the store but I did not get it, why?
For iOS, sometimes the mobile devices experience weak Internet Connection. After completing the purchase, the app store needs to send back a Purchase successful message which confirms that your payment was successful.
Try relaunching the game.
If items still fail to appear in game, please retry purchase but make sure of the following:
1) You have a strong network connection each time you purchase.
2) Enter credit card details correctly. If you identify it’s a credit card issue please contact your bank.
If the above doesn’t work, then please check your App Store Receipt sent to you via email. If the item you purchased is on the receipt but you cannot locate the download, please contact Apple with your Receipt. If issue is not resolved contact us:
Why does store show up a message as 'In-app purchase disabled'?
In App Purchase disabled message is a parental control which is linked with device restrictions. To Turn on/ off Restriction please do the following steps:
1. Go To Settings
2. Tap General
3. Select Restrictions which always needs password
4. To Allow In-app Purchases
The game is crashing on my iPhone/ iPad. How do I fix this?
There are a few reasons why your device may experience a crash during an app launch or randomly. We will list the top tips that proved to have helped most users:
First you will have to make sure your device has the latest software installed. Download the latest version of iTunes from
=> If you already have iTunes, open it and then select Help => Check for updates and install any available updates.
=> Please make sure the date and time of your devices are current. This is important for the iTunes store as it may not allow you to download any apps if you don’t have the correct date and time.
=> If your device already has the latest software, try resetting your device.
Hold down the sleep/wake button at the top of the device for a few seconds until the screen displays the message ‘slide to power off.’ Power off the device by moving the slider. Hold down the sleep/wake button again until the device powers back on.
When the home screen is displayed, relaunch the game.
=> If you are still having trouble, you may need to terminate apps running in the background: Double tap on the home button to see the apps running in the background:
=> You can terminate most apps on this screen to free up memory. Tap on the home button to return then try to launch the game again. Most users report this works for them.
=> You may also wish to close some apps on your device that you no longer use as the less storage memory you have available on your device may be contributing to this error.
I have downloaded the game previously, now the new update is not getting downloaded. Why?
It is possible that, new update requires device specifications that your device cannot complete. So, new update won’t be available for you. If your device fulfils the compatibility requirements and still you are not able to download the update, then contact us at
How can I disable In-App purchases & avoid unauthorized purchases?
To disable in-app purchases and avoid unauthorized purchases on your iOS device use the following steps:
1) From your home screen, tap the Settings app
2) Tap General
3) Tap on Restrictions
4) Tap Enable Restrictions
5) When you do this, you’ll be asked to Set a Passcode. The Passcode is a password that locks certain functions of the iOS device. Use a passcode you’ll be sure to remember, but don’t share it with people you don’t want making in-app purchases. If they know your passcode, they can enable in-app purchases even if you don’t want them to. Enter the passcode twice to set it.
6) Once the passcode is set, scroll down to the Allowed Content section. Slide the In-App Purchases slider to Off or to the left so that it’s white. This will prevent anyone who doesn’t know your passcode from making in-app purchases.
How to improve the performance for the game?
It is always good to restart your device every week to clear your device memory and give you optimum game performance. Hold Power and Home Button together and release once you will be shown the apple logo.
Do I have to download content each time I launch the game?
The Game is a one-time download and the size is around 455MB. After installing you are into the game. Please make sure you have enough space of around 1 GB for completely installing the game.
Why can't I install Game?
On some devices, the operating system doesn’t inform you if you have run out of space. Please check that you have enough space on your device to install game. The size of the game file is around 455 MB so you need at least that or more. If you have less, you need to delete some other applications and/or unused music and photos before installing the game.
The Game is not loading / crashing on my android device. What should I do? Which devices does it support? What Should I Do?
Please try the following:
1) Make sure your copy of the game for Android was downloaded from the Google Play Store, otherwise we cannot guarantee that your game will work as it’s supposed to.
2) Free up device memory by closing unnecessary apps running in the background. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Running, then tap the app you want to stop and press ‘Stop’ or ‘Force Stop’.
3) Free up storage memory on your device by uninstalling apps that you no longer need. You can do this by opening the Launcher (Android’s app view), then press and hold the app(s) you want to delete.
4) Make sure your Android version is up to date by going to Settings > About, and then checking for software updates.

Also, please note that the game requires **at least** the following specs:
– 1.5 GB RAM or more recommended
– Android OS 4.0.3 or better
– A screen resolution of 480×800 or better

If your game is still crashing or not loading, please Let Us know by mailing

Can I continue my game on new device?
No. You will have to start the game from the beginning on new device as progression is currently not transferable.
I purchased an item on my mobile device from the store but I did not get it, why?
If your purchase still fails to appear, it could be because of Weak/no WiFi connection or a cash transaction issue. One possibility is that your purchase has not been registered with Store. Try relaunching the game. You can go ahead with retrying purchase but make sure of the following:
1) Have a strong network connection each time you purchase.
2) Enter credit card details correctly. If you identify it’s a credit card issue please contact your bank.
Note: If your purchase is completed but does not show up in game, please contact our support team with purchase receipt at
How can I disable In-App purchases & avoid unauthorized purchases?
To disable in-app purchases and avoid unauthorized purchases on your android device use the following steps:
1) Tap Settings in Google Play Store
2) Select ‘require password for purchases’ option
When you do this, you’ll be asked to set a Password. The password will have to be used each time to enable an in-app purchase. Note: Don’t share it with people you don’t want making in-app purchases.
Why can't I install this game?
On some devices, the operating system doesn’t inform you if you have run out of space. Please check that you have enough space on your device to install the game. The size of the game file is around 153 MB, so you need at least that or more. If you have less, you need to delete some other applications and/or unused music and photos before installing the game.
Do I have to download content each time I launch the game?
The initial one-time download size is 153 MB. Please make sure you have around 500 MB free space for completely installing the game.