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Reliance Games is the mobile gaming division of Reliance Entertainment Group whose subsidiaries include entities like Dreamworks SKG, IM Global and Codemasters. Currently operating four studios worldwide, the company has a strong, multi-disciplinary, and cross-skilled team spanning across the US, UK, Japan, Korea and India.

Reliance Games’ portfolio presently includes more than 600 games for over 2000 devices across various operating system like the iOS, Android, Windows, Java & Symbian. Its current roster of hit games includes After Earth the mobile game, Real Steel, Total Recall, F1 2011 among others. On the Nokia store alone, the collective Reliance Games titles have surpassed over 200 million downloads.

Distributed across the US, Europe, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia, Reliance Games’ content can be accessed through 80 leading networks across 40 countries as well as global AppStores. The content is available on leading networks like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, TATA Docomo, M1, MTNL, Dialog Telekom, Reliance Mobile World, Telstra, Tele2, TIM, O2, Virgin Mobile, KPN, Telia, 3, Telefonica, Optimus, and Telenor.

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  1. Do I have to download content each time I launch the game?
    No, you do not need to download the content each time you launch the game.
  2. How can I change the game’s language ?
    If you want to change the language, go to Settings on Main Menu in the game, Tap on Language button and select your language.
  3. How can I disable ads which pop-up in the game?
    Ads cannot be turned off in the game. The ads are promotional benefits displayed for the player. Different offers will be given to improvise your game progression.
  4. I deleted and reinstalled the game, how do I get my purchases back?
    “When the game first launches a restore in-app purchases confirmation message appears. Tap Confirm to get your purchases back.
    From Game also you can restore purchases. Tap on Settings icon present on Main Menu and select Restore Purchases button, then enter valid user name and password.
    Health boost pack, Pack of buffs and Pack of Boosts purchases cannot be retained back if the app is deleted as they are consumable items and are to be purchased as they are used.”
  5. What happens if I delete the game and again installed it? Will my progress be there or lost? Can I get back my progress?
    If you delete your game then all your game progress will be lost from your device.
  6. How do I modify the SFX /Music options?
    SFX or Music option can be controlled from Settings as well as from the Pause menu. A single tap activity to enable/disable the SFX/music is required.
  7. Is there tutorial provided in the game?
    Tutorials are now available when you tap Challenges Mode for the first time. Select play training option from welcome to challenges message screen to enter. Also, to access tutorial again tap on challenges and select the training zone.
  8. “What is Build Your Own Robot (BYOR)? How do we use it?”
    Build Your Own Robot (BYOR) is feature in the game. You can create own robots by combining various robots’ different body parts. Robots which are already purchased/unlocked can only be used in this. Also, after creating BYOR, you can use them in all gameplay modes.
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