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Drone 2 Air Assault – Immersive & Futuristic Gunship Combat Experience. Launching Today on Apple App Store.

Command Hi-Tech Aerial Assault Combat Vehicles to destroy targets worldwide, with specialized Weapons in this next-generation aerial combat shooter game

Chicago 09-Feb-2017: Reliance Games today announced the launch of “Drone 2 Air Assault”, a futuristic aerial shooter game with action-packed global missions.  Get ready to raid enemy bases worldwide in advanced aerial assault gunships equipped with specialized weapons to keep world peace. This console-quality aerial shooter is now available for Apple iOS devices with other platforms to follow soon.

The original game, Drone: Shadow Strike, launched to much critical acclaim and has received several awards and has more than 5M downloads globally.  The sequel equips players with significantly more firepower to experience an immersive combat experience in over 120+ missions across three initial tiers, including challenging Boss Missions. Multiplayer has players challenging other players with base building enabling the player to upgrade and defend their fleet with aircraft carriers, destroyers, shield ships and more!

The global campaign has countless mission scenarios including defending a VIP, hunt & destroy an enemy stronghold, and tactical precision strike missions adding variety while providing a strategy-based combat tactical experience. Man a combat Light Altitude Vehicles (LAVs) to specialize in precision targeting or deploy a High Altitude Vehicles (HAVs) to bring damage on a large scale. Combat aircrafts can be equipped with devastating cannons, guided missiles, rockets, machine guns, AMR’s and bombs to achieve “Mission Success”.

Drone 2 Air Assault has significantly enhanced visuals where mission environments encompass large 3D environments across the globe ranging from the South African savannah to an eastern European chemical plant.

Enjoy individual missions with individual day and night modes, forcing and challenging the player in a constantly changing theatre of war. Battlefields dynamically change with weather – a vision clouding sandstorms or thick evening fog – directly affecting gameplay environment and requiring the player to change their battle tactics!

Drone 2 Air Assault has game changing features, which sets the mobile combat experience benchmark for others to follow.


  • Full Campaigns – Battle across the world and take on multiple combat challenges in 120+ action-packed missions
  • 50 authentic enemy and friendly weaponized units – from armored cars to tanks and attack helicopters
  • Two vehicle perspectives – An elevated, gunship POV and a much closer, low angled building top view respectively
  • More Firepower – Unleash devastating Cannons, Guided Missiles, Rockets, Machine Guns, AMRs & Bombs
  • Enhanced Visuals with Amazing VFX – Complex physics for all game-world entities, war-action authentic weapon effects, lighting, real-time water reflection, volumetric fog, stunning weather effects and shading for Vehicles & Weapons

Download Drone 2 Air Assault Now: http://bit.ly/Drone2AA

Trailer: https://youtu.be/1VTtxSN0TbU


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