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Senior Product Manager (Pune)

About Reliance Games
Reliance Games is a leading global mobile developer and publisher with more than 200 employees around the world with more 100 Million downloads and several successes in top downloads around the world. Few of our well known games are Real Steel WRB( World Robot boxing), Pacific Rim, Hunger Games, Shadow Strike, etc.

Reliance Games is the mobile gaming division of Reliance Entertainment Group whose subsidiaries include entities like Dreamworks SKG, IM Global and Codemasters. Currently operating 3 studios worldwide, the company has a strong, multi-disciplinary, and cross-skilled team spanning across the US, Canada, and India.

Consumers can find high-quality entertainment created exclusively for their mobile devices wherever they see the ‘RG’ character logo or at

Summary of Position
Our product managers bring innovative, world-changing games and apps to market, with eyes focused squarely on the future, and work closely with creative and prolific engineers to help design and develop new products. They are responsible for guiding apps from conception to launch, focusing specifically on analyzing consumer behavior, and generate profitable revenue streams for a global mobile audience across 180 countries.

As part of the Product Management team, you bridge technical and business worlds and then zoom out to lead matrix teams such as Development, Marketing and Data Scientists, to name a few. As a Product Manager, you can be a part of shaping the next billion dollar game.

Economy Game Designer
As a Game economy designer, your responsibility is to understand how a game works and how the customers behave in it, identifying and developing the purchase drivers in the game economy context, and providing constant data-driven recommendation on design, tuning and pricing in order to improve game financial performance.

To do this, pre-release, you’re able to design the virtual products a game will offer, define metrics that allow you to individually measure their impact in a given title, and work closely with the development team to see those design refined and metrics implemented.

Once the game is launched, you’re able to analyze the collected data and report which are the performing/underperforming aspects of the game economic model

Job Description:

  • Product Manager will take care of the whole product lifecycle starting from product conceptualization, creation of product roadmap & strategy, incorporate best practices in products, managing product launches & continuous improvements
  • Concept and design innovative product features aimed at improving customer acquisition, retention and monetization.
  • Dissect and understand core game loops, monetization features, and game mechanics as well as the metrics to which they are tied (acquisition, retention and monetization)
  • Work closely with engineers to understand and efficiently leverage game databases.
  • Work with designers to create specifications for features and optimize existing promotions/features.
  • Coordinate with production and marketing to implement and launch new game monetization features
  • Analyze data and make recommendations on new features to help acquire, retain, and monetize our users.
  • Work with Business Intelligence on big data projects aimed at setting up a structure for new games.
  • Analyze metrics and user feedback in real time to derive insights on user trends and behavior.
  • Measure the success of your product features after release and optimize their performance through rapid, data driven iteration
  • Align the overall product roadmap for a game with the current business needs



  • Bachelor Degree from a Top University with MBA from Tier 2 institute.
  • Strong Passion for games and gaming self direction, drive and leadership.
  • Strong analytical capabilities in Excel, with attention to detail.
  • Experience in Product Management Role in online games, social media or e-commerce, desirable.
  • Strong verbal and written Communication Skills.


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