Another WWE mobile game is out, and this one is worth your time. |

Another WWE mobile game is out, and this one is worth your time.

What’s the story?
For mobile gaming fans, a new game entered the marketplace for Android and iOS today called WWE Mayhem by Reliance Games. It is a free-to-play fighting game where you can collect and enhance current and past WWE Superstars. Take a look at the game’s trailer below:

In case you didn’t know…
WWE Mayhem adds to the current collection of free-to-play games that the WWE has licensed. There is another fighting game called WWE Tap Mania, a jewel-matching game called WWE Champions, and a card collecting battle game called WWE SuperCard.

The heart of the matter
WWE Mayhem is basically a fighting game where you have to time your swipes and blocks to succeed, and as you attack you build up your meter to perform the special and signature moves of the WWE Superstars.

The style of the game and moves definitely has an arcade feel. It brought me back to the WWE All-Stars game that was out on PS3 and XBOX 360 in 2011 (a game I wish they made again for the current consoles).

The game has a story mode, multiplayer, and special events. It is free to play so you’re limited in your “energy” that enables you to get into a match, but you can make purchases to add energy, purchase superstars, and other in-game items.

In the short amount of time I’ve had with the game, I’ve built a pretty impressive roster (I did purchase one of the introductory $5.00 character packs).

What’s next?
The game just released today, but expect a lot of updates, especially in the events section as that will include real-time events with the WWE’s schedule. For further updates, you can follow Reliance Games on Twitter at this link.

Author’s take
Though my mobile gaming has increased substantially over the past year or so, I never played a swipe fighting game before. I thought the fighting system was well done and it will take some practice to fully get down the timing for defence, but at the same time is an easy pickup and play game.

The graphics are really nice, and the game looks to have a lot of depth and promise to it. Excited to see what they do for the pay per views like possibly Clash of Champions this Sunday or Royal Rumble next month.