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How can I connect to Facebook?
How should I Use Mystery Draw keys
How to get my Free Robot In the game
Can I continue my game on a New Device?
How can I save my game progress?
Do I have to download content every time I launch the game?
Why does it take so long for Facebook sync process?
How can I restore my in app purchases ?
How do I get Energy core ?
How can I earn Coins or Gold?
How many items can you store in the Inventory?
How can I change Button configuration in the game?
What can I win in Mystery Draw?
How can I increase the ranking of my Robot?
How can I get free gold
When is the next update coming?
How can I sell my Robot?
How can I replay the game?
Mystery Draw is not working
Why am I not getting Daily Rewards?
How do I get Psytron/Cardinal Chaos/ Dreadlord?
Where can I use my free upgrade which I won through Daily Exhibition?
What is Versus Mode?
What are SuperBot Tokens?
How do I use SuperBot Tokens?
Why can't I challenge all Players?
How do I challenge a Player?
Why can't I challenge my friend/ a player I know?
What is Match Log?
Where do you find Versus Rewards?
Where can I purchase DreadLord?
What is Repair in Versus?
How to add/purchase robots in Versus?
What is Insurance Feature in PVP?
What are LiveEvents?
What are the different categories in a live event?
What does each Sub event contain?
What are Quests?
What is Early completion bonus?
What is Event Store?
What is Event currency?
What are SuperBots?
Where can I buy Fraust and Juggernaut?
What are Health Kits?
Where can User buy Health kits?
What is the the correlation between PvP and LiveEvents Robot Health?
Where can I use Superbots and Event specific robots?
What are the Challenges? How do I unlock Challenges?
Why can't I enter Challenges with any robot?
How to Win MEGA REWARD in Challenges?
What are Fight Modifiers in CHALLENGES?
What is VIP experience? How can I unlock VIP? Where can I get VIP points?
How do I get VIP benefits? What are the VIP benefits available?
What are Bonus Cards & Upgrade Cards?
What are Bonus Payouts?
Where do I get Live Event Tickets?
What are Abilities?
How do I take my robot to Star level?
Where do I get Transform Cards?
How do I unlock Abilities? When do I get 2nd Ability?
How do I know what the robot ability does?
How do I dodge?
What do I get in Ability Spin? Where do I get Spins from?
How do I upgrade Abilities?
What happens when I Upgrade my Ability?
Where do I find my own Ability Cards?
My In-App purchases aren't available despite making a payment. How do I retrieve it or receive a refund?
My Game won't Load What Should I Do?
How can I disable In- App Purchases and avoid unauthorized purchases?
Why does store show up a message as 'In-app purchase disabled'?
The game is crashing on my iPhone/ iPad. How do I fix this?
How to improve the performance for the game?
My Game won't Load What Should I Do?
My In-App purchases aren't available despite making a payment. How do I retrieve it or receive a refund?
How can I disable In- App Purchases $ avoid unauthorized purchases