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How can I change the game's language?
Can I disable ads which pop-up in the game?
What is BUILD feature?
I deleted and reinstalled the game, how do I get my purchases back?
How do I modify the SFX /Music options?
Where can I find tutorial for the game? Can I access tutorial again?
Why am I not able to connect to Facebook?
How do I sync my game progression?
Can I restart during fight?
Can I reset my progress?
Can I replay Tournament?
How can I access leaderboard?
What can I share with friends on Facebook?
How can I take videos?
What do I get by logging into Google Play Games Service/Game Center?
Can I play offline?
How and from where can I EDIT my OWNED ROBOT?
What is LEGEND?
Do I have to purchase Parts/Moves/ Paint/Upgrades?
Where do I create robot name and intro voiceover?
How do I save/ save changes to my built robot?
Where do I find the robot I built and the legends?
What are boosts? How do I Equip a BOOST?
How do I create one more robot?
How do I finish my TRAINING?
What is Free Sparring Mode?
Can I change the Placement of Buttons on Screen?
Where can I find the list of Controls?
How do I Remove/ Reduce CROWD sound?
How do I get Free Gold Coins?
What is the Star Button on my Main Menu?
Where can I see my ACHIEVEMENTS?
Where do I find my Player STATISTICS?
How do I increase Power/Armor/Critical?
How do I unlock Specials?
What is Inventory?
How do I add ENERGY?
Where can I buy Gold Coins/Silver Coins?
What is EXTRA option in purchases?
Can I purchase Custom Built Robots?
Can I purchase/get the Robots I fight with as my own?
How can I Equip another part on my robot?
Is there Multiplayer? Can I play with Friends?
How many robots can I build?
How do I pause or restart my fight?
What are the Challenges?
What is Time Attack?
Can I Equip multiple Boosts?
What are Fight Modifiers in CHALLENGES?
Why can't I play with my current robot in the next region?
Why can't I upgrade in legends section?
How do I get Grand Rewards in Challenges?
How do I get a Rip-Off Bonus?
What is Tag mode?
Where can i find tag mode option and when does it unlock?
How can I save my Tag progression?
Will my energy get consumed for all fights in Tag?
How does health regen system work?
How to increase my health regeneration in Tag mode?
When can I Upgrade or Edit my robot in Tag mode ?
Can I use my owned robots or have I to create new robots for Tag?
Where can I acess my Tag rewards from?
How many boost can I equip in Tag Mode?
Can I quit from the tag fight?
When can I change the roster?
How to change robots in Pre fight screen?
What are robot offers?
What are checkpoints and Milestones
When can I replay Tag Mode?
Do I get rewards for replaying Tag?
What are Fire, Ice, Electricity & Dark Matter Elements?
How do I convert a robot part to an element? What are elemental modules?
Where can I get Elemental Modules?
What is the Elemental advantage?
What are robot Categories?
Why can't I equip element parts on any robot?
Are Legends not affected by elemental damage?
What are Live Events?
What are Carbon Cores? Where can I get them?
What are Beast robot's abilities?
What can I do in PVP?
Where can I get Core Fragments and Steel Currency? What can I use these for?
What are MODs?
What are Enhancers?
How do I craft a Robot Part?
Why is my device not supported?
I purchased an item on my mobile device from the store but I did not get it, why?
How do I continue my game on new device?
Why does store show up a message as 'In-app purchase disabled'?
The game is crashing on my iPhone/ iPad. How do I fix this?
I have downloaded the game previously, now the new update is not getting downloaded. Why?
How can I disable In-App purchases & avoid unauthorized purchases?
How can I save my game progression?
How do I get my progression back?
How to improve the performance for the game?
Do I have to download content each time I launch the game?
Why can't I install Game?
The Game is not loading / crashing on my android device. What should I do? Which devices does it support? What Should I Do?
Can I continue my game on new device?
I purchased an item on my mobile device from the store but I did not get it, why?
How can I disable In-App purchases & avoid unauthorized purchases?
Why can't I install this game?
Do I have to download content each time I launch the game?
On the Play store game size is showing as 42 MB. Then why it is asking me to download additional files?
What happens if I delete the game and again install it? Will my progress be saved or lost?